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What is river tracing?
River tracing, also known as river climbing, river trekking, or mountain stream climbing. Is a subset of hiking that takes place in a river. Its a popular outdoor sport in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and other parts out South East Asia. It is in many ways, similar to canyoning or canyoneering which is more popular in North America.
Why does this website exist?
The idea behind this website is to allow for the creation of a collaborative community of users whom work together to provide information to each other about River Tracing/Canyoning in Taiwan.
How can I make use of this site?
Registered Users can fill out a simple form which will create a web blog about their trace linked to their account. This post will be shown to other users on the site, and can also be freely linked or shared with anyone you wish by whatever medium you wish.
What information is required to make a post?
As a site dedicated to users sharing information we enforce minimum requirements on posts. The idea behind this is users should be able to learn enough about trace to decide if they can/want to attempt it themselves. Currently that information is deemed to be: - A short general write up - At least 3 pictures or a video - A GPS location to the start of the trace
How do I find a locations GPS coordinates?
You can quickly and easily find a GPS location on google maps. To make this even easier you will find an embedded map you can click on when creating a post which will help you locate and add this information.
How can this website help me grow my own social media accounts?
Registered users can link their Instagram and YouTube channels to their account which will be visible as icons to others users on your profile page. Users can also add links to their own YouTube videos which will be embedded within the blog page we generate for them.
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