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Starting Location

Edit 23.368088, 120.616677

Ending Location

Edit 23.376442, 120.616632

Time needed


3 hours round trip



There were a couple of slippery sections near the first set of ropes. There are also a couple of sections that require swimming if that's a problem. We went during the dry season so it may be much harder other times.



Tracing boots, and a life jacket if your not a strong swimmer.

General information


Fun and really gorgeous canyoning (river tracing) trip. The start is a little bit boring, you will park your bike near the GPS and find your way into the water and start walking upstream. There are plenty of small trails that allow for this, depending on how far back you start the first 300-500m might be a bit boring. It gets better quick though, you'll find a gorge to swim in and a wonderful natural waterslide. As hard as we tried it doesn't seem possible to hurt yourself on the slide so go ahead and have fun some. After the waterslide, you'll work your way up to some really nice areas till you reach the final waterfall which has a pool in front of it great for swimming and is quite the site its self. Fortunately, the whole thing doesn't take very long and is quite scenic as you will need to go back the way you came.


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