Users profile picture Gino

Starting Location

Edit 22.753066, 120.754527

Ending Location

Edit 22.73577, 120.76577

Time needed


Took us around 4.5 hours there and back. Stopped to play around quite a bit though.



You can see that near the edges of the canyon rocks have fallen down before. Worth paying attention to



Nothing special

General information


Really beautiful canyon with a view of the mountains around it visible nearly the whole time. We went during the dry season and the first 20 minutes or more of the trace actually had no water. However, once we got further up there were nice pools and areas of flowing water. On top of this, the final waterfall was great and had some nice spots on the side to climb up on the rocks if that's your jam. Quite a few people's cars' tire get stabbed here when they are off to river trace or hike, especially in peak seasons. The best way to prevent this is probably use the local's serice.


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